How I learn to type faster, From less than 10 wpm to 50 wpm in a week

2 min readJun 22, 2019


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

How many words can you type in a minute? I was typing 10 fewer words in a minute before I learned how to type in correct form and speed up to 50wpm.

Typing slowly are killing me, especially I was an online customer service representative before. Imagine that if a customer were furious about their purchase was being damaged in the delivery, a slow-respond customer service representative will only add fuel to the flames. So I always preferred to call the customer to understand their problem and help them.

I have tried to use multiple websites to improve my typing speed, and both don’t work for me, their classes start from learning asdf and jkl; those 8 keys. I feel deeply frustrated by I keep making mistakes from their training and I cannot keep the focus on my failure.

I turned my head to youtube to search how people learn to type faster. After watching several vids, I found this video that sounds it works for me. It leads me to a website, this one differs than the one before, it’s structure isn’t by class. In the website, you will see some words in green and some stats on top, two lines of word ready for you to type in middle and a keyboard below.

I was started struggling with looking at the keyboard and keep making errors in the learning progress but this site used a different way to teach me how to type. It starts with the most used key to less used key to guide you to be fluent on the keyboard. I started with 10 wpm also keep looking at the keyboard at first and now I type about 50 words in a minute sometimes more plus only look at the screen now.

Unfortunately, when I started to type faster, I have already quit the job and back to school now. At least type faster can help me in class. :)

I strongly recommend this website to someone who has a problem with typing and not doing well on class structure typing exercise website.

P.S. This is my first time to write something on the Internet, I knew my English writing is poor but at least I tried. I am starting to learn English writing, hope that I can make more progress next time on this page.




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